Categorization of accommodation establishments (hotel, motel, boarding house, guesthouse, apartment, holiday apartment and holiday house, room, camp, and touristic farm) in tourism is mandatory. The categorization reflects the overall quality of the accommodation – in the hotel industry it is marked with the number of stars, and in the case of touristic farms with the number of apples.


Frost your accommodation with as many stars or apples as it deserves

We are carrying out a Categorization of accommodation establishments

We are an official assessor and have the authority of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. The categorization is carried out in accordance with the law and according to the criteria of the Hotelstars joint association, which is present in 17 European countries.

What is the result?

Successful acquisition of categorization

Your accommodation successfully acquires a categorization and thus the appropriate number of stars or. apples.

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