Each new member at the team means a change in the dynamics of the company, so it is crucial that the team is homogeneous, well-coordinated, of high-quality and goal-oriented towards the guest.
The satisfaction that accompanies working in a great team is invaluable – so it is important to choose your team members wisely – in addition to experience, skills and knowledge, the personal qualities, values ​​and work ethic of each individual are essential.

With our help, growing your team is an extremely enjoyable experience

Depending on your needs and the size of your business, we can help you in three different ways:

1. Staff search and selection

The added value of many active years in the field of tourism is, among other things, the exceptional network of people of various profiles in tourism. Therefore, we can perform the entire process of finding and selecting staff for you.

2. Personnel services

If you do not have your own human resources department, we are happy to help you fully in this area. In this case, we take care of not only employment, but also regular activities that accompany the area (contracts, records, documentation, etc.).

3. Strategic personnel consulting

When we approach challenges strategically, we reap the best results - in the role of permanent consultant in the field of employees, we take care of measuring the work climate, freshen up job positions, reorganize interdependent work processes in the company and generally help you create an efficient and satisfied working team.

What is the result?

The results of staffing support depend on the scope of the cooperation and include:

strengthening your team with qualified and quality employees

comprehensive staffing support

strategic plan for human resources development of the company and implementation of changes

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