Sustainability in tourism is more than just caring for the environment, it is a commitment to act responsibly towards everyone, both the local population, the local economy and the guest.


We advise you in obtaining various certified signs, which inform guests from the first contact with you who you are, how you think and what goals you are committed to. Together, we assess the current situation and find a solution that allows you to take a step towards a more sustainable way of working – a step towards a sustainable future.

When you choose Eksito for your strategic partner, we will also find the most meaningful encouragement and help from public tenders published by SPS and MGRT, such as vouchers for raising digital competencies, digital marketing, preparation of digital strategy or market research of foreign markets for which we are entered in the SPS register.


Green key is an eco-label that has already been awarded to more than 3,200 different tourist establishments in 65 countries. With the obtained certificate, we are committed to the responsible and sustainable way of working in the tourism and hotel industry, which was determined by the International Foundation for Environmental Education FEE, and will be encouraged in the green tourism strategy by 100% reimbursement of the costs of consulting.

The Green Key certificate can be obtained by hotels and hostels, small accommodation establishments, camps and holiday parks, congress centres, restaurants and tourist attractions.

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