Hidden customer method or “Mystery shopping” is a commonly used and popular practice abroad.
As a hidden customer, we can quickly, anonymously, and very successfully gain feedback on the real quality of your tourist offer, the efficiency of your employees and their hospitality. Of course we can  analyse any specific area that you are interested in.

Mystery shopping helps you to get real feedback

We identify the guest profile and then prepare the role that corresponds to the profile.

We choose the appropriate approach and circumstances and play the chosen role thoughtfully. During the activity we use various psychological approaches and tools. All the responses captured on field are recorded and then analysed properly. The hidden customer method is implemented in several ways, the most common is a combination of a telephone call, personal contact and written correspondence.

What is the result?

A comprehensive report, which contains:

a brief description of the circumstances

field observations

exposed vulnerabilities

exposed benefits

a set of recommendations and methods to improve the customer experience

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